Juliana Powers

909-518-1156juliana.powers93@gmail.comCrossFitter Since 2019CrossFit Coach Since 2022Profession: Stay at home momma of 3Favorite WOD: Any kinda of TabataQualifications: CrossFit Level 1, Bachelors of Science in Nutrition I signed up for a membership at CrossFit to...

Craig Jones

928-812-1171CrossFitter Since 2016CrossFit Coach Since 2020Qualifications: CrossFit Level 1 Father of three girls, grandfather of seven, great grandfather of threePolice officer for 23 years.Attended Penn State University and Gila Pueblo College.Wrestler at West...

Stacey Murry

928-812-0126 shmurry@gmail.com CrossFitter Since 2016 CrossFit Coach Since 2018 Qualifications: CrossFit Level 1 I am co-owner of CrossFit Globe-Cobre Valley and have been a CrossFit athlete since 2016. I have also owned Globe Gym Fitness Center along with my husband...


14 Minute EMOM1-Power Clean1-Squat Clean1-Clean To Overhead


1 Rep Max ThrusterThen,2-4-6-8-6-4-2Pull UpsPush UpsSquats