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Find a class and schedule that works for you

We have a variety of class offerings for all age groups. CrossFit is by design infinitely scalable, which means that no matter which class you are in based on your age group, beginner and advanced athletes are welcome in every class type! All classes focus on the CrossFit methodology of safely providing training for high intensity, functional movements.



Designed for ages 10-18, the teens class is for early CrossFitters and athletes who are interested in starting their fitness journey with learning proper technique and high intensity workouts. Our coaches specialize in tailoring workouts to improve sports performance in young athletes.



For the adult population, our general CrossFit classes are the way to go. Here you will find an inclusive group of supportive athletes who truly bring out the best in each other. Like every class, our coaches will scale workouts to your experience level so all athletes are welcome (new or seasoned!).



Designed for athletes over 60 years old, the Boomers class is our newest class and has been an instant hit! In addition to the physical benefits athletes in this class show within a few weeks of starting, the mental strength and confidence participants feel is awesome to see! Spots are limited so please contact Coach Greg for information.



Our most exclusive group of CrossFitters, the Legends are athletes 70 years or older. Expect a group that looks forward to their classes every week and that hold each other accountable. We love seeing the multitude of health benefits our Legends experience throughout their journey. Spots are limited so please contact Coach Greg for information.

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