“Are you looking for a fun enthusiastic workout atmosphere?

I have been working out at CrossFit Globe Cobra Valley for about six months. I have seen tremendous changes in my fitness level since I started working with our fantastic coaches Greg and Kathy. They both have a tremendous amount of knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to CrossFit or an experienced athlete. 

Every time I walk through the doors of CrossFit Globe Cobra Valley I always learn a new skill or technique to improve my fitness ability. Greg and Kathy are amazing at breaking down each skill and technique thoroughly. The amount of drive and enthusiasm and I have towards working out and accomplishing my goals have never been greater. CrossFit Globe Cobra Valley has a very friendly and supportive atmosphere no matter what your fitness level is. If you’re wanting to take your body to a level of fitness you never knew existed I highly recommend CrossFit Globe Cobra Valley.”

Sarah Gunkelman


“I started CrossFit in October. I was already in super great friggin shape. I had been following the diet plan of Forrest Gump, so, as you can imagine, my physique was that of an runner/shrimping boat captain/Vietnam War Sargent/ping-pong player. My first day I completed muscles ups, handstand push ups, butterfly pull ups- just 100 of each, unbroken. I finished in 4 minutes 38 seconds. That week I gained 20 pounds of muscle. Now after a long day of work I go home and beat the crap out of my husband because I can. Life with CrossFit Globe- Cobre Valley is pretty friggin sweet.

But Seriously,

I began my CrossFit journey at CrossFit Globe-Cobre Valley in October of 2016. I was still hanging on to baby weight (my “baby” is 5 years old) and was stuck in an unhealthy eating rut. I also was having trouble sleeping which made my job as a busy preschool teacher much more challenging. By mid-afternoon I was ready for a nap and found myself grouchy with no patience for my sweet son. 

My first day of CrossFit could be compared to your first day of school…complete with dreams of showing up naked the night before. When I walked in the doors on Pine Street I instantly felt welcomed and like I belonged to something. Soon words like WOD, EMOM, and kipping became part of my lexicon.  Everyday I push myself to get one more rep and add one more pound. I feel stronger and have a new found self respect and self confidence. My diet is much cleaner and I have tons of energy. Playing with my preschoolers and son feel like such a treat now instead of a chore. My enthusiasm convinced my husband to try a Saturday class and since then he hasn’t missed a class. I love that it is something we can do as a couple. 

Coach Kathy and Coach Greg create a positive and motivating climate in their gym that makes you feel like you can achieve any goal. They make everybody feel like somebody. The camaraderie and sense of community are my absolute favorite part of CrossFit. Working out with a group of like minded people only makes you want to be a better athlete as well as a better person. You will never regret stepping into the door on Pine Street (just don’t come naked!). You will only regret not trying it sooner! ” 

Sarah Alexander


“I started CrossFit in August, 2016.  I am now officially six months in and the changes I’ve seen in myself are incredible.

First let me say that when I started CrossFit I was severely out of shape, to say the least.  I am a mother of three and as most of us moms know, the busy day to day life of juggling kids, work, laundry, dinner, and everything in between gets overwhelming.  Before I knew it I had completely lost myself.  The last thing on my mind was a workout and although I tried different yo-yo healthy eating and fad fitness regimens, nothing seemed to stick.  I always quit on myself.

Fast forward to August 2016, CrossFit Globe Cobre-Valley coaches Kathy and Greg came into my life.  I walked in with butterflies in my stomach and no confidence in myself.  I could barely make it through one workout.  I could not do a proper push up, lunge, or squat and struggled to complete ten sit ups.  Let’s face it, I was in bad shape.  Greg told me “not to give up”.  He made me promise to give it one month, so I did.

The first big change I noticed was the verbiage in my head.  CrossFit is just as mental a sport as it is physical.  My first few weeks of working out I remember telling myself that I couldn’t do it or it was too hard.  Greg would walk over to me because I was shaking my head “no” in the middle of the WOD.  He would look me in the eyes and tell me to “think positive and stop telling yourself you can’t”.  After a few weeks I realized the negative head chatter had changed to “you got this girl”.  I had become my own personal cheerleader.  That’s a major change!  What an amazing gift, to believe in yourself again.

One of my favorite things about CrossFit is how measurable and visible your progress is.  I started at the bottom, barely able to do ten squats, lift a ten pound kettlebell, and no way, no how could jump on to  a 20 inch box.  In just six months, I am squatting up to 150 reps, swinging a thirty pound kettlebell  and can deadlift over 200 pounds.  I feel good and see improvement, that’s what is important.  With just six months in, my goals keep changing because of my progress.  CrossFit keeps challenging my goals, whether its just surviving the workout, tackling a new skill, or getting stronger.  I can’t wait to meet myself in a year or even two.  

Coaches Greg and Kathy are amazing. I would never have been able to make it this far without them and this program.  They believed in me when I was afraid to believe in myself.  They are the perfect balance of a coaching team.  They push us everyday to do things we never thought we were capable of.  If you told me six months ago that I could do a handstand, I would laugh.  Greg told me I would, I laughed, and now do handstands daily.  

As for our CrossFit family, we are a mix of people from various stages and ages of life.  Some of the greatest friendships I’ve made are with my CrossFit family.  The unwavering support we give each other helps get us through every workout and is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  No judgements, only encouragement, we are stronger together. ” 

Shawna Fierro


“I have been lifting weights for over 25 years in the gym and have seen some gains.  In August 2016 I did an introductory workout with Coaches Greg and Kathy at CrossFit Globe Cobre Valley.  They coached me through the basic workout and encouraged me to continue. 

For the past six months I have been doing CrossFit five to six days a week, making gains I did not expect.  CrossFit has made me stronger both physically and mentally.  In the first four months I lost ten pounds and became more cut. CrossFit transformed my body, improving in strength and cardio.  It has taught me better techniques in various lifts and body weight movements.

CrossFit is also a way to get into a group of people.  You become a tight family. “

Craig Jones