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Small Town.

Strong Community.

We are a community driven CrossFit gym in Globe, AZ

What is CrossFit?

Functional movements performed at high intensity, constantly varied.

We're here to support you

You will find passionate and knowledgeable staff at CrossFit Globe Cobre-Valley. Our goal is to always provide guidance on safe and effective training techniques to make you the best athlete you can be.

What does a 1-hour class look like?


Class Intro

To start, you will gather in front of a whiteboard where your coach will walk you through the workout, the movements, and ideas for scaling.


Warm Up

Your coach will take the class through a warm-up to prepare you for the rest of class.


Skill Practice

After the warm up, your coach leads the class through a skill practice, which is typically related to the movements in that days’ workout.



Once everyone’s ready, your coach will start the clock and the entire class will do the workout together.


Cool Down

Fist bumps, sharing scores and stretching to transition you back into your day


Classes tailored to you

CrossFit Globe Cobre-Valley has classes 6 days a week, with morning and evening options available. We offer classes for a variety of age groups, from ages 10 through 100. 

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